Sirdal Ski Marathon 2013

Saturday the 23rd of February 2013 the annual Sirdal Skimarathon takes place at Ådneram, Vest-Agder. INN will have a representative on site. Sign up and join the fun!

Both the 23km and 45km race starts at 10:30. The start and finish line are found on the plain beneath the Ådneram ski lift. Please be on site in good time before the start gun fires. For both the 45km and 23km the style is classic cross country. Neither of the distances requires participants to wear a rucksack.

Inger Tone will also be present at the event. Keep a look out for her at the start area wearing a rucksack with a Norwegian flag.

Starting number can be picked up on the day of the race from the big tent by the starting line. You may also avoid the line completely by collecting your starting number at G-Max at Forus the 20th and 21st of February from 18:00 – 20:00.

Both participants and spectators are offered food and beverages at the finish line area. All participants will be served hot soup after finishing. United Bakeries offers delicious energy-cookies and there are several drinking stations along the course.

A big tent will be erected at the finish line area. Inside there will be closed off rooms where you can change your clothing. There will be a separate space for baggage where you can leave your dry clothes for after you finish. At the start line area you’ll have access to mobile toilets.

To sign up for the race use this link: www.deltager.no/sirdal_skimaraton_2013 Payment by credit card only. Starting fee is 400,- on top of an eventual licence. The price is the same for both distances.

With a starting time this late it’s possible to drive from the cities on the actual race day. But the best way of getting there is by bus. They run Saturday morning at 07:00 from Stavanger, 07:10 from Sandnes and 07:30 from Ålgård. The buses return back as they fill up. The very last one leaves at 15:45 so keep that in mind.

Have fun!

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